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making a Band Program (Rock Band)


Making a Band Program/Rock Band is open for all students but there is an audition process. This program will begin in January. Auditions will run the second week after returning from winter break. 

Students will learn stage presence, stage etiquette, vocal skills, song writing, leadership skills, and team work. Only student who are well prepared and ready will be able to perform. Students who are not in the band program may join but must have knowledge of voice or an instrument and good grades in each of their classes.

Students not enrolled in Making A Band will not be allowed in the band room between the hours of 8:30 am to 9:30 am. 

Lyrics with negative, or profane language will not be tolerated. Not only must the music sound amazing, but it must be positive in its message.

There will be an audition process that will take place on Wednesday, January 8th through friday January 10th at 8:15 am in the band room. Students who plan on performing on stage must audition. 

Students will need to be able to play the following instruments in order to join Rock Band: 

Ø     piano

Ø     lead guitar

Ø     bass guitar

Ø     drum set

Ø     vocal skills are highly preferred (boys and girls)

If there are any other concerns from students in the coming days, I will answer these questions on this website in the days to come.


If you need to use a piano, here's a digital one to help you stay on pitch if you play a C instrument, play guitar, strings, sing, or just want to learn the notes on the piano.  

Songs to get familiar with before second semester begins:
Coming Soon!