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Weekly Practice Logs

Every week, students are to turn in their practice logs. They will place them in their classroom's cubby located in the back of the band room. Below are detailed directions of how a practice log should look. By the way, this is only an example of a practice log and those are fake signatures.

 I also included below the form which I will send to all parents for their child. 

Students will receive 50 points every week for these practice logs. If a students does not have an instrument to practice yet, they should learn the fingering without the instrument using the book. I will accept that for this coming week as a weekly grade.

If a student were to practice only 2 days out of the week, they will only receive 20 points. If they only practice 4 days, they will receive 40, and so on. Students must turn in practice logs every Monday or Tuesday. They will turn in a practice log from their notebook or a practice log sheet (which will be emailed to all parents), and turn it in their class box. 

I will talk your child's ears off about the importance of practicing at home, so if they say, "I didn't know I was suppose to turn those in", They are not being honest with you.  

Parents, in order for your child to be proficient in their instrument, they will need to practice daily and diligently. For some students it may take longer than others but they will learn their instrument faster if you encourage them from time to time. Music will help them with their study habits, math, science, reading, and language arts. Music is very important in the development of their academics so helping them along will also help encourage their brain development in other subjects.