Welcome to the Glades Middle School Bands Website!

Hello Band Parents!


I will send home a contact form with your child. I will need your email address and contact info in order to send you important dates for the school year as well as introduce my self to our new band parents. I will occasionally update this website from time to time throughout the school year with important information. 

   Once your child hands you the Band Contact Form, please take a look at the "GMS Band Handbook" link and the "Weekly Practice Log" link with them. After reviewing the information, please sign the form and return it with your child by Friday August 16th.

Beginning Band Students will use a our Method Book for band titled, "Tradition of Excellence". This Method book is a great new tool for students to practice their instruments at home and in class. Here is an example of a book for Tuba.

In order to discover which instrument your child will have the most success with, we will have music vendors from different companies come out to the classroom and have our instrument fittings during class time. Date (TBA)


I will look at all their scores and choose the instrument for them that will best suit them. Please take note that I will need to balance out the classroom to make sure we have a proper blend of instruments. This being the case, your child may get their first or second choice in an instrument. Also know that if they score low on an instrument they wanted but scored very high on another one they tried, they may end up getting the instrument with the higher score. 


     If your child is interested in drums, please be advised that in order for students to be in the percussion section, it will be mandatory that they have posses a great amount of control. This way we can have an orderly classroom and a suitable environment for learning to take place. If your child cannot control him/herself in the percussion section during class, they will be removed from the percussion section and asked to choose a different instrument or choose another elective better suited for them.

     If anyone should have any questions or may be confused about why this is necessary, please email or call me and I will be happy to speak with you.


If you have any questions, please email me at