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GMS Band handbook

Glades Middle School Band Contract

 RJ Rosasco

Director of Bands



2012-2013 School Year



Our Mission:

To create an environment through music and the arts that will foster, challenge, motivate, develop, and demand the students to become responsible and mature young adults in all facets of their life. GMS Band strives for musical excellence through instrumental performance while gaining a deeper understanding and love for the music they perform. The goal is to achieve a lifetime love of playing music.


Course Description

The purpose of this course is to provide students with instruction in the development of musical skills in the instrumental performance setting. Emphasis will be placed on the development of skills and reading music notation; music theory; individual ensemble performance techniques; analysis of form, style, and history included in the performance preparation of varied literature; and critical listening skills and aesthetic values. 

In order to maintain an excellent learning environment for all band students, the following rules and procedures must be followed at all times.

1. Students must:

Participate in all classroom activities.

Bring to class daily all supplies including a working instruments, supplies (reeds/valve oil/drum sticks), music in folders, method books, composition notebook for music theory, and a pencil.

Use proper playing technique including body position (sitting up straight) and instrument position.

Remain focused at all times. 

2. Students must follow classroom procedures:

Enter the classroom (both feet) by the bell (tardy means tardy unless excused by a parent, teacher, or administrator).

Sit in assigned seats by section.

Be in your seat, with instrument, stand, music, and necessary materials.

Keep voices at an appropriate indoor level.

Place cellphones in backpacks. Backpacks must be placed in cubbies or other storage location during class. 


Concert attention will be observed when the director steps on the podium and no further talking will be permitted. Any necessary talking should be about the music that we are studying and should never be a distraction to the conductor or other students. Students Enrolled in Advanced Band need to be very disciplined in the classroom as well as in personal practice time. Dishonor, disrespect, and a lack of self control in the classroom will not be tolerated. 


Put up instruments and music only when directed.


3. Students MUST follow class rules:


NEVER SPEAK OR PLAY INSTRUMENTS DURING INSTRUCTION OR WHEN AN ADULT IS SPEAKING for each member of our band, including the director, your peers, or other adult leaders. 


BRING INSTRUMENTS AND MUSIC TO CLASS DAILY Having your instrument and music during band class is essential for every band student.


ALWAYS SHOW RESPECT for each member of band, including the director, your peers, or other adult or student leaders.


BE RESPONSIBLE AND MATURE In band, there is no time or tolerance for foolish, and childish behavior. If there are consistent issues with any student, and the student makes it difficult for learning to take place in the classroom with multiple referrals, that student will be removed from the band program. 


RAISE YOUR HAND If you have a question, answer, or comment during class.


CELLPHONES MUST REMAIN IN BACKPACKS DURING CLASS unless asked to be taken out for tuning.



The consequences for not following these rules and procedures will be as follows:

1. Verbal warning

2. Student conference

3. Phone call home

4. Administrative referral 

*****In severe cases, consequences may be skipped.*****

Grading Policy:

Glades Middle School Band students will be graded in three areas. These include (50%)daily practice at home, (25%)participation in class/learning activities, and (25%)assessments

Daily practice at home:

·      Students must practice their instrument daily for at least 30 minutes. 5-10 minutes on long tones/lip slurs, or rudiments for percussionists (for percussionists, a good website to go to for instruction is www.vicfirth.com), 10-15 minutes on scales and etudes, 10-15 minutes on pieces we play in class, solos, band or orchestral excerpts, and sight-reading. Be efficient about your practice time – really concentrate, listen, and think about what you are doing. Practicing with a friend can also be effective, beneficial, and fun.

 If you want results, you will practice like a superior musician. (PRIVATE LESSONS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

·      To log in their practice time, students can use a piece of notebook or Practice Log Sheet, which will be provided and emailed to all parents the first few weeks of school. Practice Logs must be signed by a parent or guardian daily or at the end of the week. Students, I can tell a false signature! Please do not forge your parents signature! (I will immediately inform your parents). These logs will be collected by Mr. Rosasco each Tuesday after school for a weekly grade. Each page with parents signature will be turned in the appropriate class box in the back of the band room. Students must have the calendar day and time they practiced logged in their papers. Parent or guardian will sign on the same row as shown in the example below:




8/18/14     Monday           30 min            Parent signs

8/19/14     Tuesday          43 min            Parent signs

8/20/14     Wednesday      37 min           Parent signs

8/21/14     Thursday         49 min            Parent signs

8/22/14     Friday             32 min            Parent signs

If a student cannot practice their instrument because of an instrument being repaired, students can still study their instrument online, look over their method books, clap rhythms, study their fingering chart, go over music theory, spend some time watching instructional videos with their mouth-piece, practice lip slurs, buzzes, and embouchure. There is no excuse for a missed practice log. Only a letter signed by a parent stating why their child was unable to turn in a practice log will excuse the student.  

Class/Learning procedures Include:

Being on time

Taking notes

Bringing instruments to class everyday

Having all materials and instruments ready

Participating in class during rehearsals. (Students REHEARSE in class the assigned music they are given to PRACTICE at home).



·      Observation (Student progress will be monitored daily).

·      Midterm exam (Winter Concert)

·      Final exam (Spring Concert Attendance-Mandatory unless excused by a parent)


Lesson requirement:

Students are not required to take weekly private lessons, but they are strongly encouraged to do so if they are serious about becoming good musicians.


Instrument Rentals, Method Books, and repairs:

Instrument rentals, method books, and repairs can take place at any music store in the area. Students can also rent from the school if an instrument becomes available. Renting from the school goes by seniority so please understand that there may or may not be instruments available. 

Beginning Band and Concert Band Students: 

The method book students need for practice at home, and in class is called, “Essential Elements Interactive" (book 1) from Hal Leonard. Please make sure that students purchase the book for their particular instrument.

Please call the following numbers below for pricing. 

You can purchase a method book from All County Music, Music Tech Studio, and other music stores. Below are the closest to the school.

All County Music

17886 Northwest 2nd Street

 Pembroke Pines, FL 33029-2806

          (954) 441-2263 



·      Music Tech Studios Information:

            18249 Pines Blvd.

            Pembroke Pines, FL 33029    





Instrument Storage:

A limited number of instrument lockers are available for student use. Students can volunteer to share a locker. Those sharing lockers for instrument storage will be responsible for items therein. Students will not be allowed to go to the instrument storage room to pick-up or deposit an instrument during class time without Mr Rosasco's approval.  The school district is not responsible for any damaged or stolen instrument left in any location of the school. 

Care of instruments and equipment:

Once a student rents an instrument either from the school or from a music store of their choice, it is the students responsibility to keep the instrument polished and in great playing condition.

Students will need the following items to coincide with their assigned instrument:

Flute:  cleaning rod and rag

Oboe:  silk cleaning rag, three workable reeds

Clarinet (including bass):  cleaning drop clothe with a weight, reed case, and 2 – 4 workable reeds (size 2 for beginners, 2 1⁄2 for sixth grade, size 3 for 7th/8th grade).

Saxophone (including alto, soprano, tenor, and baritone):  cleaning drop clothe, reed case, at least 3 – 4 workable reeds. There are different sizes depending on the saxophone.

Trumpet/cornet:  valve oil, slide grease, cleaning drop cloth

French Horn: valve oil, cleaning drop cloth.

Trombone:  slide oil, cleaning drop cloth. 

Baritone/Tuba:  valve oil, cleaning drop cloth.

Bassoon: silk cleaning rag, grease stick (looks like chap stick)

Percussion:  One pair 5B wood tip drum sticks which stay in their bags for class and home practice, one pair of yarn Mallets, and one pair of rubber tip mallets. Students can bring drumsticks to class. Drumsticks for class use may be provided but it is imperative that student keep their drum sticks with them. They will be responsible for their own sticks.      

Band Parent Support Group:

I will need assistance throughout the school year. Being a band director does not mean i can do it all by myself. There are many activities and planning that go along with our band program and I cannot do it alone. I need humble and faithful people that will lock arms with me to help our students become the best they can be. If you are interested in volunteering for the entire school year, and your schedule allows, please, contact me through email. 

Parents, your child will receive a form for you to sign stating that you have read this hand book/contract agreement. Students must return the contract agreement signed by you for their first weekly grade.